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            Koreanair R & D Center, Korean Air         

461-1 Jeon Min-Dong, Yu Sung-Ku, Taejon, 305-811, Korea


Click above figure for Design and Development Control at KIAT

과학기술 엠배세더 봉산초등학교강연_비행기의 원리와 발전 (pdf)

Trends of Composite Technology for Aerospace Applications (ppt)

Overview of Aerospace Materials (ppt)

RTM mould tool design (ppt)

Damage Tolerance in Composite (ppt)

Basic of Filament Winding Composite Fabrication Process (ppt)


                                  Research Activities                               


 Composites Applications to Space Technology


All Composite Ka-Band Antenna

and Frame for Communication Satellites (ETRI)

 Sandwich Platform for Satellite Main Body Structure  (Report 450pages, Request password! : pdf) (powerpoint overview)



 Evaluation of New Resin System for (VA)RTM Applications for FAA Certificates


(powerpoint overview for VARTM)


 Fiber Metal Laminates  

 splicing model of FML

Splicing modeling concept for Load Transfer Analysis of FMLs

Study on the Mechanical Behavior of FML using CLT (2003춘계 KSCM 발표 ppt 자료)

(powerpoint overview for FML)


 Repair of Composite Structures  

  Mechanical Characterization of

 Composite Materials  


 Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) optical fiber sensor applications for Smart Structures


Monitoring Thermal Behavior of Composite Materials

using Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor (powerpoint  h, v)




Comparison of Microfailure Evaluation of single fiber by

FBG, PZT and AE sensors


 Hygroscopic Behaviors of Composites


Moisture Absorption in Laminates

      Moisture Absorption in Honeycomb

Sandwich Structure



 Micromechanics for Composites

Composite under Shear Loading

Composite with one fiber at center having dissimilar interphase under General Biaxial Loading


 Bondline Mechanics of Composites

Fractography of Cocured Bondline between Laminate and Honeycomb


 Cocure Fabrication of Composite Rudder Structure



 EPFL Composite Lab(Switzerland) Exchange Program for Diploma Thesis at KIAT


                click  above to see Nick  (Climbing at Himalaya (?)            click above to see Roman Lanz (rafting at KeunKang river)


 Structural Component Test & Evaluation of Advanced Supersonic Military Aircraft


Aft Fuselage Inner Structure  

(Click figure to overview Damage Tolerance & Durability Test)










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